Monday, January 2, 2012

This past year, my main focus was on the family tree research, which has led me down paths I never imagined and found items I did not know about my family. I still have it only half done. Of course, It will never be completely done, but this year I plan to take it at a slower pace.
When I signed up for, after I bought the program (Family Tree maker) I had 6 months free, so I feverishly worked on it trying to find all I could in 5 different directions.
Anyway, after the 6-month,when I called to cancel, I found out I had another 6 month paid up subscription. I continued to work and each time I found neat things, I looked up and said, "Thank-You' for I had no idea who gave me a subscription, except for Him. I did not do as much as the 1st 6 months, though, for I was worn out. When the 6 months was up and I called again to cancel, the man told me that what had happened was when I clicked to join, it 'double clicked' giving me 2 6-months worth. He said he had not seen that happen but a couple times while working there. Well, whatever the reason, I assume God wanted me to find out all that other information I found out. After a while of resting and searching elsewhere, I want to sign up again. But now now.

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Aliene said...

Doesn't the Lord surprise us sometimes! It is fun to go back and finds out things about our families.
But it is time consuming. Blessings!