Monday, June 13, 2011

Connecting with Friends

As Aggravated as I get with the Internet and computing, it is a blessing sometimes. Within the last half hour, I have talked via email with a good friend in Brazil and then via Facebook with a good friend in Alaska! That is really neat.
We have friends all around the world and to think, we thought we'd be in our home town all our lives and only know those we knew there. But, God had other plans for our lives which includes many, MANY  friends!!
Hello to ALL of them!
(as if very many of them even read this! ha!) But, I had to say it.

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Barbara said...

Well I do, some times comment some times not, but I do read it, hugs and stop by and see my blog too, have a God shining day.

Belinda Jo Adams said...

Barbara, I feel bad when I say something that is taken wrong and I realize I must've not said all I meant! :) I meant my other friends who do not even know about my blog would not see the greeting!!!! hehehe -- not you.