Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Johnny Belinda

My mother watched this movie when it came out. She decided that her next child would be Johnny or Belinda. Guess which child got the name?!
When I was about 13 years old, it came on The Late Show. Mama got me stay up and watch it with her so I could see where my name came from. I was not that interested in it at that time and was sleepy. Later, I wished I had watched it more closely. Then, in the 80's my sister taped it for me and sent it to me for me to watch. It is a good show. In the 80's or so, they made another one which is also good, but the original is the best, I believe. It is out on DVD now. Maybe I will order it one day!
Johnny Belinda
Johnny Belinda (1982 TV movie) [VHS]
 This one is with Richard Thomas in the 80s.


Barbara said...

Cool Belinda, it is nice to know how you came about getting your name, mine is pretty common for the year I was born, and my name prior to adoption was Saundra, I think it is very pretty, oh well I did not have a say in the matter.
Hugs my friend, and I would like to see that movie too, seems I did years ago.

Deborah said...

I've never heard of this movie...you've made me curious!
My name is about as common as you can find for the year I was born, but I like it anyway. The other option for me was Julie, also nice, I think. Since I was coming after 4 boys, I don't think my parents even considered a boy name! LOL