Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Geneology

I have been working on our family tree for a couple months. I've had been fun delving into the past, talking with my aunts and uncles for stories, researching online, seeing photos of my g-g-grandparents and finding relatives I have not met yet. Did you know there is a site called they have taken photos of graves all over the country and you can go there and find photos of headstones of people you know and not have to drive to the grave yard!

It has been fun, but I have overdone the amount of time I know I can sit at the computer without my hands hurting. So.... now I have to take  a break for a while and give my hands a rest. So, I will check back in a couple of weeks from now. Take care, friends.


Frannie Halbert said...

May the Lord bless you during your break! I also hope your hands feel better soon!

In Jesus name,

Deborah said...

My brother recently started putting our family tree online at It's a great way to record it, in a way that family members can update it as births, weddings etc. occur. And pictures can be uploaded too.