Monday, January 10, 2011

Broken Dish

I like to tell the story how when I had an all tile kitchen, I dropped a Corelle bowl. As it went down to the floor, I just watched and waited for it to break, but it did not. It did the little twirl thing (like the people on Ed Sullivan who used to spin dishes on sticks). Some one told me, that when one did break, it would shatter.
Last week, I dropped a can of food out of the cupboard onto one of the bowls. Yes, it shattered! Everywhere. Into many pieces. I was still finding little pieces a few days later, though I thought I cleaned them all up. Saturday, after using the crockpot, I was wiping it down and found another piece inside the 'outside' pot! I was glad it had not got into the pot and into our food.
Thankfully, I have several of them for it is my favorite dish set. My only dish set. :) I had several years back, but with all the moves, I got rid of extras. But, I like these and don't see a need to buy others. When I bought them, I waited until the set came out that I really liked. English Garden. I was so happy I finally got some I liked. Then 2 of my sisters-in law bought the same thing! Well! But, their purchases were just a passing fancy and when they got tired of them, I got their left overs. I'm glad for I just looked at their web site and they no longer have mine. So much for getting more luncheon plates! Except at maybe yard sales. :)

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