Monday, September 13, 2010

new butterfly photos for September

This one was taken at my mom's house. I don't know if it is a butterfly or a moth, but it stayed right there for me to get this closeup and was there when we left 2 hours later. Don't know if it was alive, eating, hibernating, or what? But, it is pretty.

Later that same day, when we went to pick up a friend for church, these butterflies were where we pulled up. I took a distance photo in case they flew away when I got closer. They did. :)
I am not sure if there are 5 or 6.


jeni said...

The green one is a luna moth. It's so beautiful!

Belinda Jo Adams said...

Thanks Jeni! Here is a link for the Luna Moth. _Luna Moth

Lisa said...

This is my first visit to your page. I too love butterflies. Don't mean to sound like a "know it all" but that top pic is a beautiful big green moth. It is probably resting. Moths are active at night while butterflies are opposite. Notice the antennae are feathery, a characteristic of moths. Butterflies have plain antennae. I enjoyed checking out your blog.