Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!!

God bless America and help us, please!

Tomorrow is not only USAs birthday, but our first daughter's and our first grandson's. In fact, we celebrate for a few days. With one of Steve's sister's birthday being June 30th, then Steve's and a niece on the 2nd. Then our daughter and grandson on the 4th and our other daughter and the niece's daughter on the 5th!

And, yes each of our daughter's got their own day. And their own cake. Though, I did bake two layers and decorate a layer each day, so we would not have so much sweet stuff around.

And for birthday parties, we chose special years to celebrate with others coming over. After their 1st birthday and the bi-centennial one for both of them, we did not want to do a party every year, so we chose 6yr, 9yr, 13th and 16th. On their 13th they had a slumber party.

Anyway, Happy birthday to all who celebrate with America.

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