Friday, March 5, 2010

The Mind

The mind is a funny thing. Sometimes, I can remember things from way back and as old as I am, I mean way back! Then sometimes, I can’t remember what I said an hour ago. Or if I said it. Did I just think to say it? Anyway, we were watching a movie on the other night and it was sponsored by Verizon Wireless. They sang their theme song to the same tune and different words (but almost the same) that Big Red chewing gum used a few years ago was so popular. Maybe they still use it, I don’t know. I have not seen TV that much in a long time.
Anyway, back to the mind. Have you ever got a jingle stuck in your head and could not get it out? Yesterday and today, those songs have been going through mine. Not just one at a time, but the two of them mixed up. Not a pretty sight (sound). I’ve tried singing something else to make it go away. I even tried to sing it and make it go away, but can’t keep the two straight in my head! Whew!
I am just so glad I don’t have to listen or see all those commercials on cable or satellite! Just the little time we are at my parents makes me really happy, we choose not to have TV shows piped into our house. At least on the internet, we can choose to watch the old shows when modesty and non-use of bad words were still virtues to most people.
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