Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Haiku

Hidden little notes
Help keep the romance alive
As the years go by.

During the years, my husband and I have done this. You never know where or when one of us will see a little love note tucked away or written on the edge of a page of a book, etc.
I also wrote love notes for my mother each trip I'd come home to visit. It does not have to be for romance! We need to let our loved ones know we think of them. Mom would tell me each one she found as the months would go by. Once, I only did one note. I forgot to do more. Later, she mentioned that she only found one. Oops, I confessed that was it. Now that I am home, I have not done it. I guess I should not quit, though.

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Barbara said...

aweee Belinda that is so sweet, we used to do that too, I always put a note in his lunch pail, and most daily he would leave a note for me by the coffee pot, we have gotten lax in that since he retired, I am thinking I need to start it again too, it would bless his socks off.
Hugs good seeing you last night too.

Sharon said...

That's so sweet!