Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chicken Soup

My husband is sick so I made a pot of chicken soup today. I rarely buy a whole chicken, for I usually buy the white meat because it is ‘supposed to be’ healthier. But, chicken soup is just so much better to me when you start with the whole bird! I cook it in the crock pot so it is tender and falls off the bone easily. Then, I let it sit until it cools, then pluck the meat off the bones to put back into the broth for the foundation of the soup.
I could not help but remember our earlier years when it was us and the two children. We did not have a lot of money and wanted to keep me from going to work. I always bought a whole chicken back then and did what I did today. I got several meals out of that bird. None of it that was edible went into the trash can. Every little crevice was cleaned out! We had chicken and noodles, chicken and rice, etc.
I see so much waste today, it makes me sad. You see, we did not make enough money to have a lot of ‘extras’. But, at the same time, we made ‘too much’ for food stamps or other help. So, we had to not waste anything.
And, you know what?! I am glad. We had to work for what we got and looking back, we know we did it on our own without help from government agencies.
I am not condemning the food stamp program. It is a good thing to help those in need until they can help themselves again, which is what it is for. I’m just glad we were blessed enough not to need it. Praise God.
Now, to go enjoy that yummy chicken soup!


Sandra said...

I agree, Belinda. There is SO much waste. I never thought about it until the other day when Amy asked me why the Waltons don't have a trash can, because she never sees them using one. Back then they didn't buy everything in a box or can because they grew and killed their own food. They didn't buy much from the store. Nowadays if it doesn't come from the store, people think it's nasty and they don't want to eat it. The food stamp program is good for those that need it, but even there, there is a lot of waste. I have seen children in lines at grocery stores buying lots of candy and junk with food stamps. If I were in need of government assistance, I can guarantee you I wouldn't be letting my kids buy candy with it!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Hi Belinda! Just read your nice comment you left on my blog and had to come and "meet" you! :)

I can so relate to your Chicken Soup post! We were the same way when raising our kids. I've always stayed at home while my husband worked. (He has JUST retired by the way!)

Can't wait to come back later and read more of your posts and get to know you better. Getting ready to go to church right now so have to hurry.

God bless! Mississippi

Barbara said...

Yes Chicken soup is one of the good things in life. I also made some Soup yesterday, I did mine on the stove with parts and pieces of Chicken I had left over from the chicken nuggets I made for the fellowship Friday night.
Was so good, I love it with noodles or I love with dumplings, either way is a good healthy meal, and like you Belinda I had to learn how to stretch and make food go a long way with a family of 7, but Praise God and I do give him the glory, we never missed a meal, and never went hungry. God is good, yes he is, good all the time.
Hugs dear friend ♥

Belinda Jo Adams said...

Sandra, I agree with the waste of food stamp money by some people. I just did nto want to get on my soapbox. :)