Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Library

Today, I went to the library. They are having a sale on their books. Though I hate to see a library selling their books, especially my favorite authors, I do like a good sale. And 4 books for a dollar is a good sale. At one time, I was on the floor looking at the bottom shelves with books lined up in two rows, one behind the other.
It remended me of when I was in the sixth grade and walked about a half mile to the public library. I liked the Nancy Drew books and would go back in the corner by myself and enjoy some quiet time of reading. Having five younger brothers and a younger sister, that was about the only quiet time I could find!
This noon, I came home with two bags of books and spent five dollars. A few were by my favorite authors and some for research. My husband has encouraged me, during the years, to keep a library even when I thought I should downsize because of space and moves. He knows it is important for a writer (and reader) to have her own books. So, now I have my own library in our home.

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