Friday, January 29, 2010

Blackberry Picking

Last year, when we moved into our home on the property we bought about 8 years ago, I told my husband that we should do something with the property out back. Something to make good use of it. The next day, I went walking and noticed that the back field was full of blackberry plants! Now, I like blackberries so told him that we had us a crop also! I enjoyed picking the berries, sharing the berries and making jelly and cobbler, etc.
I wrote an article about it for a blog of a friend of mine. That was before I knew what blogging was and it was all mysterious. I have the post for it here so you can read it.

Article on Laura's Blog

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Sandra said...

Welcome home Belinda! I know y'all had a good time. I too am always ready to get back home to good home cooking.