Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decorating like Granny

I get tickled when I see items in stores for sale that look old fashioned. Don’t get me wrong, I like what they call country decorations. But, my granny decorated with what she had. She did not go out and buy things to try to look old fashioned! She used tin cans for flower pots, not flower pots that looked like tin cans! She used calendars from funeral homes or other places where they gave them away as their advertisement, not calendars that were made to look like those and sold at fancy card shops! She made quilts out of scraps of old clothing and left-over sewing, not material bought just for cutting up to make quilts to look old fashioned!
When I was young married, we made crafts out of left over items that would have been thrown away. Now, you go to a craft store and buy a kit with all the supplies right there in it. And what happens to all those items that we used to use and not throw away? They end up in the landfills! © Belinda Jo Adams

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Frannie Halbert said...

I like this is so true! I hope to be just as nifty now(I'd better start!) and if I were to be married. I think it is so funny about the old tin cans being used for flower pots...I would have never thought of it! :o) God bless! Frannnie Halbert